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Splish Splash!

The new adventures of the ugly duckling

"Splish Splash!" is a reversable book. 

On one side, it tells the revisited story of the Ugly Duckling. Our ugly duckling is time traveling while looking for his ancestors. Throughout his travels, he meets various famous animals from Cleopatra’s cat to George Clooney’s pet pig. On the other side, when the reading is over, the book can be transformed into a board game.

The child can then take the game pieces, wheel and rules out of the box to start playing (the rules are meant to be read while playing). Our players-readers can easily switch from the story to the game, which allows them to fully benefit from the experience.



That is how we imagine you using our book


Story reading

Bedtime story routine. What could be best than a fun adventure book with pretty illustrations for a closeness kid-parent moment at the end of the day? Splish Splash! Go on a trip with Gaston et discover an original tale around self and others acceptance. 

Early next morning

Book handling

The kid can play by himself with the book, spread it out on the floor, play with the pawns even if he doesn't understand the game rules, look at the illustrations again, remember the story... whithout risking to spoil the book which is designed to be durable and sturdy and can therefore be used by the children even when he is alone.


Game playing

It is time to take part in the adventure ! You are going to incarnate one of the characters from the story and voyage in the different eras visited by Gaston throughout a crazy race. Featuring : many challenges, laughs and splashes.

On your puddle, get set, go !  


A book to help the reading learning process

We designed our books to be targeted at 6-8 years old kids, which is the age where they start reading on their own and become self-reliant

Our goal is to produce a book that is both reasonably priced and pleasing. 

We wish for this book to be produced in France for the ease of its deployment. That is why we have chosen a resistant and affordable qualifying support.


A time traveling story

We choose to change the original tale in order to offer a new story with humor and new lines of thoughts throughout each new era, new ways of thinking, new habits and different looks and trends.

About us

We have different profiles and consequently various skills and knowledge. Our diversity is our strength because each profile can complete another one.